US judge accused of having sex in courthouse

The Kentucky judge is also accused of demanding sex to affect cases

A local judge stands accused of having sex and alcohol in the courthouse, coercing staff, taking revenge that affected cases, and more.

An anonymous person filed the complaint about Judge Dawn Gentry, a family court judge in Kenton County, to the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission on Nov. 18. The accusations include:

Having sex with two staff members in the courthouse.
Drinking alcohol in the courthouse.
Coercing staff to help her with her campaign.
Retaliating against those who did not support her.
Holding pretrial conferences in child abuse cases without all attorneys present
Falsifying time sheets.
Gentry could lose her seat if found guilty of serious ethics violations.

“They’re very serious charges,” said attorney Richard Goldberg, who has experience with these types of cases.

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