Vaccinations break 5-million barrier: PM Mitsotakis

1,810,000 citizens have been fully vaccinated

Over 5million Greeks have been vaccinated against Covid-19, as PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis posted on his Twitter.

As the Prime Minister characteristically tweeted, Greece broke the barrier of 5,000,000 vaccinations yesterday.

In his post, the PM qualified the numbers, saying that at the moment 1,810,000 citizens have been fully vaccinated, while 3,280,000 are those who have received at least one dose.


In the past 24 hours, a further decline was recorded in the epidemiological indicators. The cases dropped to 1,381, the intubated to 563, the new admissions to 211, just before the substantial and psychological “barrier” of 200 new patients per day – a number that appears in the epidemiological bulletin at the beginning of last February.

In addition, since last Friday, the number of Covid patients in hospitals reached below the 1,000-mark. Yesterday it was 918, while the total number of patients was 3,247, with half of them in the hospitals of Attica.

The vaccination program “Freedom” is accelerating even more as from tomorrow citizens aged 35-39 will be able to get vaccinated with all approved vaccines and not only with that of AstraZeneca, as was the case until now. All vaccination options have become available for the citizens in the age group 40-44 years since last Friday, while over the next few days the age group of people 30-34 years will follow.

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