Vangelis wants to change name to Andromeda (photos-video)

Man in Lesvos wants to change legal name to female name after bill voted in parliament committee

Following the Greek parliament’s competent committee passing of the bill related to gender transition and choice, 30-year old Andromeda Psarou, who was born a male named Vangelis Psaros, wants to legally change her identity to Andromeda Psarou by correcting the birth registry and baptism papers.

The outcome of the legal case of Andomeda, which was tried by the County Court of Mytilene Monday, will be of particular interest given the fact that issue is expected to be discussed and voted on in the Greek parliament plenary.

Adromeda has made it clear that she does not desire to have a sex reassignment operation but merely wants to change her legal name on official identification documentation to reflect how she she feels.

The relevant bill on the legal recognition of genders was passed on principle at its initial stage by the competent parliamentary committee last Thursday, with SYRIZA, Democratic Alignment, ANEL and Potami supporting the bill, New Democracy (ND) offering its support with reservations, as did the Union Centrists, while KKE (Communists) and Golden Dawn voted against it. The bill is scheduled to be discussed before a plenary session on Thursday of Friday.