Viable businesses can not afford the new tax for EDOEAP

The media companies will appeal to the Greek and European Courts

The biggest Greek newspapers and publications, namely Proto Thema, Kathimerini, To Vima, Ta Nea, Parapolitika and Attica Media Group denounce a new unfair tax in a common press release.

The six big companies oppose the new tax on the turnover of media companies that is being promoted with the excuse of the “salvation” of the journalists’ fund EDOEAP.

In their statement they stress the point that it is a huge mistake to believe that a new, non-proportional and non-requiting tax will solve the problem.

In the press release they underline that the new tax on their turnover, will surely lead to the loss of jobs and will possibly shut them down.

The entire press release is as follows:

The printed press in Greece has been in recent years confronted with an unprecedented crisis. Newspapers and magazines are globally going through a very difficult phase. The Greek financial crisis has hit the media further due to the dramatic decline in advertising.

The few companies in the industry who paid taxes and levies as well as all their obligations, experienced the effects of an unfair competition that lasted for many years. And that is because they were called to compete with businesses that systematically and without consequences were not paying all the above obligations.

The crisis in the industry and the enormous mistakes of the past have brought its insurance fund into a stalemate. The agony of the workers is great and justified. However, whoever believes that a new, non-proportional and non-requiting tax will solve the problem, is very much mistaken.

For media companies, the imposition of a new tax on their turnover will lead to the sure loss of jobs and possibly their closure. Companies that survived thus far will not be able to cope. As for the businesses that operate on the internet, the already very small percentage of advertising they have -since large foreign companies get the lion’s share- will be dramatically further reduced.

It is truly outrageous to call on a few viable and healthy businesses to take on a burden that does not belong to them and they can not afford. We respect our employees, we share their anxieties because they are our own as well and we do not want to see jobs being lost by a new, unexpected and completely absurd tax. We will appeal to the Greek and European Courts and we will do our best for our employees and our obligations.

Media companies: