Vicious fight between Greek and FYROM teens, FYROM site reports

Incident was not corroborated by Greek police

A news site from FYROM media reported that youth from Greece and FYROM were involved in a violent clash after a handball match in Greece.

According to Makfax, the incident occurred in the town of Nei Poroi in the area of Pieria in the region of Macedonian in Greece, when a teenage girl asked the team from FYROM where they were from. When one of the handball team members replied they were they were from “Macedonia” the girl started debating the name issue with them. She later returned with a number of Greek teenagers and the two groups started arguing about the altercation rapidly escalating into a full-fledged fight.

According to Makfax, “the fight was very fierce and resulted in the serious injury of multiple people”.

According to the website, the fight ended with police intervention, and many of the people involved “ended up in the hospital with severe injuries”.

The incident has not been confirmed by Greek police.