Videoconference between country leaders on Ebola

They characterized the virus as the most severe health epidemic in recent years

A videoconferencing summit took place on the matter of the Ebola virus, between US President Barack Obama, French President Fancois Hollande, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

The US President once more rejected a travel embargo to the countries of west Africa, explaining that this will exacerbate the situation and called upon the EU leaders to make a significant effort in order to combat the Ebola virus.

The EU leaders, on their part characterized the Ebola situation as the “most grave health emergency in recent years”.

It should be reminded that a viral “hit” has taken place in Spain, and in Germany.

The EU health ministers are expected to meet today in Brussels in order to discuss the strengthening of border checks and better planning on preventing and combating the virus.

Britain, who has already made arrangements to send people with hazmat suits to houses with suspect cases, has also implemented checks in airport and train station arrivals, following the example of the USA and Canada. France is currently deciding on whether they will follow the abovementioned tactic for flights from Guinea.

At a meeting between Obama and his cabinet, the US president committed to the fact that the combating of cases of the virus will be undertaken by federal authorities, while he stated that the CDC will be sending experts to any hospital which is called upon to handle such a case.

He noted that the possibility of the virus spreading to the United States is “minimal”, but he underlined that the international community should aid the countries affected by the epidemic so that the situation is brought under control.

At the same time, the security Council asked the UN to “accelerate and intensify their fiscal and material aid” towards the countries suffering the worst of the Ebola epidemic.