Vintage cars may commute to Greek road networks again, under specific preconditions

The government re-examine the laws on vintage cars as more than 10.000 owners were found to contravene the established rules of conduct

The Greek government has modernized its legislative framework with respect to driving vintage cars on the national road network on Friday. The new legislation jointly prepared by the Ministries of Economy and Transport commented that the previous driving laws were not effectively enforcing the regulation of vintage cars on highways.

The former legislative framework stipulated that vintage cars could be transported on road networks exclusively by truck or trailer assistance. This prescription created several operational problems in practice, as vintage cars drivers received fines when caught by police authorities to transport their cars to driving events or maintenance works. In most cases, vintage cars were towed to the intended destination. Towing nonetheless has not been prescribed in the former legislative framework. The Greek government was forced to re-examine the legal framework on vintage cars as more than 10.000 owners were found to contravene the established rules of conduct.

Under the new rules, vintage vehicles can enter the road network two days before a special event takes place and a day after the event’s closure. The new legislation also envisages that vintage cars have two times per month the ability to enter national road networks and drive towards maintenance/repair centers. These commute travels are permitted exclusively every first Wednesday and third Saturday per month. Finally, the updated driving laws allow local travel of vintage cars within the boundaries of the municipalities where they are registered, twice per month, every second and fourth Sunday per month.

Source: thegreekobserver