Voters fear Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister more than a No-Deal Brexit, says poll

“Not him!”

The prospect of Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10 worries voters more than the possibility of a no-deal Brexit, a new poll has indicated – with almost half of those asked backing Boris Johnson’s bid to call an early election.

However, just 39 percent of voters are optimistic about the UK leaving the bloc without a withdrawal agreement in place, with 41 percent pessimistic.

Support for Mr. Johnson’s plan of calling an early election – at 46 percent – is significantly higher than the number opposed to the idea – 36 percent.

However, there are no guarantees he would win it if he succeeds – the poll puts the Tories on 33 percent, Labour 26 percent, the Liberal Democrats on 17 percent and the Brexit Party on 14 percent.

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