Watch Greek police arrest illegal immigrants at Evros (video)

So far, police forces have pushed back 5,183 people at the borders

Police operations continue on the national and provincial network of Evros, mainly between Kastanies and Feres, to detect and arrest illegal immigrants who have entered Greece.

From 06.00 on Monday morning until 06.00 on Tuesday morning, law enforcement prevented the passage into Greek territory of a total 5,183 people in the Evros area. In one day, 45 people were arrested mainly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco and Bangladesh.

During the night a strong police police force thwarted the attempt by about 1,000 people to illegally enter Greece illegally at the Evros Delta, forcing them to retreat back to Turkish territory.

The detainees have been transferred to immigration detention centres and convicted (for illegal entry) to detention facilities.

Early in the morning at the northern entrance of Orestiada, on the vertical axis for Ormenio, a police unit identified and arrested two migrants moving south. The first from Afghanistan and the second from Africa without any further details given. and photographer Nikos Economou recorded the incident.

Greece has faced immense pressure at its northeastern borderline with Turkey as several thousand refugees and illegal immigrants have gathered at the line trying to forcefully enter into Europe. The crisis started when Turkish President Erdogan gave the green light for the immigrants hosted in Turkey to freely move towards the borders of Greece. Turkish authorities have on many occasions facilitated the movement to Greece, while reports have indicated Turkish border patrol officer supplied immigrants with tear gas canisters to throw at Greek border police during clashes.