Watch Greek policeman drive like “crazy” to get a child to hospital (video)

The year-old video is only now making the internet rounds

They often come under harsh criticism by the general public because the nature of their job demands they use force to uphold the law. But the men in blue go far and beyond their designated duties to serve the citizens, like the video shows.
The video, which is doing the internet rounds shows a Greek police officer speeding through the streets of Athens to take a sick child to hospital. The footage is a year old but has just gained traction over social media.
A child can be heard crying in the back seat, as the patrol car, sirens wailing, whizzes through the streets of downtown Athens on its course to the Athens Children’s Hospital. The other vehicles can be seen moving aside as the police vehicle passes by. The car reached its destination in less than 3 minutes.
A well-deserved bravo for the officer who managed to deliver the child to the hospital.