Watch MMA fighter fight huge fan suffering from Down Syndrome in emotional match (video)

Isaac wins bout against his trainer

MMA athletes are known for their fierce competitiveness and toughness inside the ring, but Diego Sanchez revealed the kindness of the brutal sport when he made the dream of a fan suffering from Down Syndrom come true. The 35-year-old fighter stepped into the octagon with a die-hard fan named Isaac Marquez making the dream of Issac who has down syndrome come true. The two first met at the beginning of the year when Isaac Marquez visited Diego’s gym, just to see what it was like inside and to watch a workout. The “leopard”, as Diego is known, approached him and asked him if he liked MMA. “You just came to see or want to train already”, Diego asked Isaac, who responded he would like to start training.

Since then the two have become inseparable, as Diego Sanchez is his personal coach. “People with Down Syndrome do not have more than 45 years of life. Isaac is 32 and I want this young man to stay healthy. Practice and martial arts help make it happen”, he said. Eventually, the two decided to face off in the cage, in a match the touched the hearts of all the fans who watched it. to the delight of Isaac. Isaac “The Shermanator” Marquez submitted his mentor in the bout.