Watch UFC ref adjust sports bra of female fighter to prevent a ‘boob reveal’ (video)

UFC referee Jason Herzog demonstrated quick reflexes

UFC referee Jason Herzog demonstrated quick reflexes to prevent a potentially embarrassing wardrobe malfunction of a female fighter during a bantamweight fight at UFC Vegas 15 last week.

UFC referees need to have quick reflexes during matches and proper judgment in order to intervene at the right time.

Jason Herzog’s long experience and quick-thinking were on display when he intervened and adjusted the sports bra of Brazilian Norma Dumont in her fight with Ashlee Evans-Smith.


The Brazilian was in the mount position and while Evans was trying to shift her opponent she accidentally started to push her bra up.

However Herzog spotted the situation, very briefly paused the fight, pulled Dumont’s top back into place, then let the fighters know they were OK to continue.

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