Watch woman “enforce” social distancing with tree branch (video)

The new norms??…

A video posted to Tik Tok shows a woman enforcing ‘social distancing’ by holding out a 6 meter stick as she walks past cyclists and joggers on a narrow path.

“Meet my girlfriend – she is tired of people not maintaining 6ft,” states the caption to the clip.

“There you go, tell ’em baby,” says the man who is filming her from behind.

The clip shows a female jogger almost making contact with the tree branch as she waves her hand dismissively at the woman holding it outstretched.

“Woah! Somebody wants the corona!” exclaims the man.

“It’s not 6ft when convenient, it’s 6ft at ALL TIMES,” barks the text accompanying the video.

Respondents were not too impressed with the behavior on show.

“If that stick touches anyone it’s assault,” commented one.

“If she has Coronavirus and is so ‘concerned for others’ to wear a mask to ‘protect others’ WHY is she outside?!?” asked another.


“I could go for a walk in a large open area without coming into contact with people, but that’s not going to get Tik Tok views,” said another respondent.

“What I’ll do instead is go to a path that is barely 6ft wide with a long stick, annoy people out exercising, and get my boyfriend to film it.”