We (Europeans) built the modern world: Columbia student unleashes crazy rant at students of colour (video)

Twitter SJWs dox the student who appeared to be inebriated

Twitter SJWs targeted and doxed Columbia student Julian von Abele over an out-of-context video where he went on a late-night drunken rant saying white people “invented the modern world.”

Columbia student Aala Nasir posted the video Sunday on Twitter, saying “Twitter do your thing.”
On Saturday night, the student allegedly walked up to a group of students of color and unleashed a bizarre rant about race and history. The student has been identified, by one of the onlookers, as Julian von Abele, a physics student who specializes in quantum physics and mathematical physics.
The video opens with von Abele, wearing a blazer and a button down shirt, loudly proclaiming, “We invented the modern world.” He’s talking to a group of students of color; he himself seems to be traveling solo.
“Who?” someone asks him. “Europeans,” von Abele clarifies. (He doesn’t answer when someone asks, in mock surprise, whether he is European himself.)