When ‘gangsta’ rap goes wrong…Mom slaps son playing with gun that went off (video)

The teen was not injured

“Gangsta” rap is a popular genre among teenagers and young adults across the US and the whole world. But this youth will probably think twice before attempting t emulate his favourite lyrics after what nearly happened to him.

The young man was recording himself rapping to the tune of a song in his room while brandishing a real gun (which he probably did not know was loaded).

Emulating all the tough “gangsta” moves and posing with the weapon he was in the “zone”…

But suddenly the gun fires, fortunately, as he was aiming it away from himself. The boy panics and drops the weapon, while his mother can be heard screaming and knocking at the door. She bursts in his room yelling at him “What’s going on! What the hell are you doing with a gun”. She grabs him by the ear and takes him out of the door.

The moral of the story is: Do not play with loaded weapons because your mom is the real “gangsta” in the house…