When organised beaches open in Greece – The gradual lifting of Covid-19 measures

Restaurants and cafes only allowed to operate outdoors

Deputy Minister of Development Nikos Papathanasis spoke about the future steps for restarting the economy, in an interview on THEMA radio 104.6.

The Deputy Minister explained that the stores reopening on Monday, May 4, would include large chain stores , clarifying, however, that malls would not open. He added that gyms would re-open in June with specific regulations and rules, while organised beaches might open in May.

According to the Deputy Minister of Development, from June 1, “restaurants and cafes will operate only outdoors”, as well as all-season hotels, with Mr. Papathanasis drawing attention to the rules of operation of restaurants and cafes within the hotel complexes.

“We will have time to see and make corrective moves”, added. In this context, “we have selected some needs that correspond to about 10% of the closed businesses,” said the Deputy of Development, giving clear examples of the rules of operation, while on Monday, May 11, the remaining 25% of commercial activity will reopen.”

At the same time, Mr. Papathanasis spoke of 500 inspections a day and strict fines to businesses violating rules in an effort to avoid profiteering. “We are everywhere. They should not try to illegally hike prices on what was in force before the crisis, that is, from January “, he concluded.

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