When Traianos Dellas & model Gogo Mastrokosta met Cristiano Ronaldo! (photos)

That’s the kind of people you meet when you take your vacations in Greece!

It has been 15 years since 2004 when Greece won the European Football Championship in Portugal against the host country.

Greak defender Traianos Dellas has not met with Cristiano Ronaldo since then, but he met him on a beach in Messinia, where the Portuguese star of Juventus is relaxing.

In view, of course, of the friendly-match on 4 July between the two national teams of 2004, Traianos Dellas commented that “thankfully he will not be playing on July 4th because, as you can see, he is in good shape”.

With Dellas was his stunning wife Gogo Mastrokosta who didn’t miss the photo opportunity with Ronaldo. Of course, neither did he…