Where 5G Technology has been deployed (infographic)

South Korea is the country that deployed the first 5G network

5G is hitting the mainstream fast: According to a GSA report, 38 countries had 5G networks as of August and many more have had 5G mobile technology deployed in part. It is in fact expected that 5G will reach 1 billion users in 3.5 years, compared with 4 years for 4G and 12 years for 3G.

North America, Europe, and East Asia are on the forefront of 5G implementation, as our map shows. Investments in the technology are being made in almost every country in South and South-East Asia as well as South America as well.

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South Korea is the country that deployed the first 5G network and the country is expected to stay in the lead as far as penetration of the technology goes, By 2025, almost 60 percent of mobile subscriptions in South Korea is expected to be for 5G networks. Then it comes to 5G speed, the country is currently being beaten by Saudi Arabia, according to Open Signal.

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Infographic: Where 5G Technology Has Been Deployed | Statista

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