White Helmets, terrorists prepare new provocations in Syria with use of chemical weapons – Moscow

Russia is disappointed over Washington’s decision to allocate funds to the White Helmets


The ‘White Helmets’ organization together with terrorists have been preparing new provocations with the use of chemical weapons in Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

“New confirmations of the information about the White Helmets’ activities emerge all the time … According to the existing information, which the Syrian government regularly provides to the United Nations, the White Helmets, jointly with terrorists, is preparing new chemical provocations in Syria. They obviously aim at disrupting the peace process in the country,” Zakharova said at a briefing.

Earlier, the White House announced that US President Donald Trump had authorized $4,5 million in aid for Syria’s White Helmets organization.

Russia is disappointed over Washington’s decision to allocate funds to the White Helmets, Zakharova added, recalling that Russia has publicly revealed evidence of the White Helmets’ links with terrorists.

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