Who initiated the Arms Embargo against the Republic of Cyprus?

An article that explains this diplomatic bizarre issue…


H.R. 5508 which was introduced recently in Washington aiming at terminating the Cyprus Arms Embargo Act which was imposed by the United States of America upon the Republic of Cyprus in 1987, is a worthwhile effort by all that have worked for its preparation. It can even be argued as belated, but it is never too late.

When in 1987 the USA imposed the Embargo, it is claimed that it was done “in order to encourage reunification by preventing an arms race on the island”. And that this did not only aim at the Republic of Cyprus but also Turkey.

This claim proved an utopia and worked in favour of Turkey. Turkey did not withdraw to this day any of her Turkish military forces of occupation on the occupied part of the Republic of Cyprus which she has there since the two Turkish invasions of 1974 and before (illicit transportation of arms and personnel to the Turks in Cyprus –to which all had turned a blind eye- started from before, and numerous British released official documents with photographs confirm this). On the contrary during all these years Turkey went on adding new arms and armoured cars whilst the Republic of Cyprus lacked weapons as many countries refused to sell her any.

However, the Arms Embargo against the Republic of Cyprus was initiated by the United Kingdom and this not annoy the Turks. In this context and with various excuses the United Kingdom discretely and diplomatically persuaded other countries as well, which were prepared to adhere to her suggestions, and refused to sell arms to the Republic of Cyprus.

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