Why are Danish mothers sending their daughters to places like Greece to have sex? (vid)

Danish women told to “Do it for Mom!”

The last thing most couples think about when having sex by the beach are the in-laws, but a new “Do it For Denmark” campaign is trying to get Danish couples to think about their mums while they conjugate!


Danish travel agency Spies Rejser encourages mothers to push their kids to go on vacations rather than nag them to have grandchildren. After all, once away on a sunny location and free from stress, the baby-making process will follow.

The site’s mission is the following:

In spite of some progress in 2014, there are still not enough babies being born in Denmark. This puts both our welfare society and Spies’ future business under pressure. Still, those who suffer the most are the mothers who may never experience the joy of having a grandchild. But don’t despair.

We all know that the Danes have 51% more sex on a sunny holiday compared to their everyday life, and new studies show that when couples workout together they have even more sex. Consequently, we now offer the Spies Parent Purchase. Send your child and his/her partner on an active holiday and increase your chances of getting a grandchild.

The site also gives couples advice as to which exercises they should be doing to get in shape for babymaking. “Sharing is caring” says the site and tells prospective grandmothers to send these to their kids.

CLICK HERE for the site with the full campaign and sexercises.

The viral campaign is a follow-up to the viral “Do it for Denmark” campaign that told people to take romantic holidays to address the country’s low birthrate. Danish women conceive 1.7 children per woman, down from 1.9 in 2010. Women are also having their first child at an older age causing problems as there are fewer young people to support the population.