“Why are men pigs, why do they hook up with younger/older women”: What do Greeks search on Google?

The auto-recommend for Greeks on Google

Google’s search engine has become so inexorably tied to our lives that we have even adopted the phrase “Google it”, whenever we want someone to find something out.

It is a truly invaluable tool to most Internet users, who spend a significant amount of time each day browsing through innumerable bits of data and information.

But have you ever wondered what Greeks search for on Google. These are the most popular things Greek search for based on the search engine’s auto-recommend tool.

When typing the question in Greek “How…” (Πως…):

“How…do I lose weight”

“How…to make a sagittarius fall for me”

“How…do I make him want me”

Others included:

“Why…does he want to make me jealous”

“Why…do the hands of the best man have to be untied”

“Why…did I betray my country”,


“Why…do/are men…”

“Why…do men leave


do not want to marry

hook up with younger women,

do not make the first move,

are men not in the mood in the morning,

are men pigs”