Woman arrested after asking bodybuilder husband to help clean the house

She was charged with “controlling behaviour”

A woman was arrested and charged with ‘controlling behaviour’ after asking her bodybuilder husband to help out around the house.

Valerie Sanders, 58, from Catterick, North Yorkshire, claims all she did was ask Michael, 58, to ditch some of his gym sessions and to Hoover and clean the patio doors.

However, she ended up spending 17 hours in a cell and then faced charges of controlling behaviour.

Her case was thrown out before it went to trial.

Speaking to The Sun, Valerie said she was “treated like a criminal” for asking her other half to clean more.

She claims he spent most of his time at the gym and didn’t do anything around the house except wash his car.

Valerie says she left notes for Michael asking him to do chores.

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