Woman paid $2.4 million after police falsely arrest her naked

O’Neal was still naked when she was taken to jail

An American woman is $2.4 million richer after a Colorado county paid her the large sum over an unlawful arrest during a welfare check at a sober living facility in Cañon City.

Fremont County paid the sum last week to Carolyn O’Neal after she sued the sheriff’s office for unlawfully arresting her while she was naked inside her apartment in May 2014.

Deputies had responded due to concerns she might harm herself, the Denver Post reported.

O’Neal told three responding male deputies she wasn’t going to hurt herself and was naked while preparing a bath but the officers used a key to enter her apartment and tossed her onto a bed before arresting her, the newspaper reported.

O’Neal was still naked when she was taken to jail, where she was put in a restraint chair for several hours. Deputies also twice used a Taser on the woman despite her arms and legs being restrained at the time and being forced to wear a spit mask, according to the report.

source emmanuelsblog.com

feature image Breckenridge, Colorado, pixabay