Work of renowned Greek artist Dimitris Papaioannou “Transverse Orientation” waiting for theatres to open

The work will be performed at the Onassis Stegi

“Transverse Orientation” (Engarsios Prosanatolismos), the new work of the internationally renowned Greek experimental theater stage director, choreographer, and visual artist Dimitris Papaioannou is ready and waiting for the audience, as soon as theatres open up after the current lockdown.

It is a work that orients us towards a light source, giving us the impetus to balance so as not to lose our orientation. The project will be presented on the stage of the Onassis Stegi.

“My works don’t exist already. They come out of nowhere.”

The new artwork by Dimitris Papaioannou is done and waiting for an audience. Until the theaters open their doors. Coming soon at Onassis Stegi.

“I write my works while I make them in rehearsals. I prepare material only to start the process and – most of the time – I throw it away. I have decided not to know what I make before and during. In the end, if I am lucky, the work appears and I try to understand and perfect it. I reserve the right to change everything at the last minute. So, it is difficult for me to talk to you about something before it is created “, says the renowned creator.

More than 70,000 viewers, in 36 countries from 4 continents, saw the first international co-production of Dimitris Papaioannou, “The Great Master”. For the next international tour of the world co-production of his new work, which was scheduled to have its world premiere at Onassis Stegi in May 2020, more than five hundred performers and dancers from all over the world auditioned in the spring of 2019.

Those who were selected started rehearsals with Dimitris Papaioannou in January 2020 and stopped abruptly, due to the lockdown, in March 2020. The premiere of this second world co-production of Stegi and Dimitris Papaioannou was expected in December of the same year, on the Main Stage, however, the closure of all venues ruled out this date as well.

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