Yanis won’t vote on proposal … heads for isle holiday home

Arrives on island of Aegina, where Proto Thema reporter and photographer get roughed up by ex-minister’s police escorts…!

Yan_is Varoufakis, the former outspoken and brash finance minister dubbed the “minister of awesome” by his publisher after his resignation this week, will not be in Parliament on Friday evening for the critical vote more-or-less approving the Greek government last-ditch proposal to creditors.

The self-described “erratic Marxist” will be on the nearby holiday island of … Aegina. In fact, he Tweeted that he reason for his absence is “family reasons”. Nevertheless, two hours before his Tweet was posted, the once obscure academic was spotted on the ferry boat “Phivos”, headed for Aegina, where his wife owns a stylish vacation home.

The author of the “global Minotaur” nevertheless sent a letter to the Parliament president saying he would vote “yes” for the proposal, although the letter will not be counted, given that Parliament regulations stipulate that only deputies on official Parliament business are allowed to cast votes via correspondence.

Aegina is nice weekend getaway from Athens famed for its holiday homes, pistachios and an eponymous ancient temple.


Regardless, he also announced that he “fully backs” his successor, Eucleid Tsakalotos in the “struggle that he’s give at the Eurogroup, particularly on the issue of debt.”


Body guards rough up Proto Thema reporter, photog

Upon arrival in Aegina, Proto Thema reporter Frixos Drakontidis was roughed up by members of the security detail guarding the ex-minister when he approached Varoufakis for a comment.

Varoufakis’ three bodyguards also prevented the paper’s photo-reporter, William Faithful, from taking pictures of the MP and his wife, Danae.

Drakontidis was accosted by his neck, thrown down and sustained a slight head injury near the vessel’s exit way.

Public Order Minister Yannis Panousis was informed of the incident and pledged to conduct a thorough investigation, while Frixos Drakontidis headed to the harbor corps headquarters on the island to file a lawsuit against Varoufakis, his wife and the three police escorts accompanying him.