Zaev at the EP: We will be the Republic of North Macedonia and our language and identity will be recognised

The PM of FYROM thanked PM Tsipras

The Prime Minister of FYROM, Zoran Zaev thanked his Greek counterpart, Alexis Tsipras for the two countries reaching an understanding on the name dispute, during his speech before the European Parliament on Thursday. Mr Zaev said his country would be recognised as North Macedonia from now on with their identity and language also being recognised.
Referring to the talks with Greece, he underlined: “We both made concessions, but we both did a great deal to the benefit of the states. We tore down a barrier of 25 years, we are improving cooperation, security and the economy, and we are defending the issues that define us.” He went on to express his gratitude for being at the EP, saying it was the first time a leader of his country was addressing the EP in his language.
Referring to the September 30 referendum in his country on the Prespes Agreement with Greece, he said that “the people of my country were at a historic crossroads. We have received great encouragement by you, the Members of the European Parliament, for this agreement.”