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10 sexiest teachers in the world! (video-photos)

How can students focus on their lessons?

When we think of teachers, we often don’t think of people who are hot and gorgeous. We tend to think of teachers as people who don’t put a lot of focus into their looks and are more worried about educating the future of the world. In fact, there are running jokes dedicated to how teachers are usually less attractive than the general population. However, just as the population is diverse in their looks, so are teachers. While it seems that “hot” teachers are rare, they do exist. Yet, it seems that if we are blessed with a good looking teacher, it actually might be more detrimental to the students’ grades. Instead of being focused on their studies, you may have students who are playing out fantasies in their heads and imagining things about their teacher that we dare not elaborate on.

1. Nina Skye


2. Rhys Uhlich

3. Lee Nayeong

4. Gemma Laird

5. Nicholas Ferroni

Nick Ferroni / People’s Sexiest Teacher Alive People Now interview
6. Emily Sanders

7. Jamel Fenner

8. Joanne Salley

9. Pietro Boselli

10. Olivia Sprauer