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8-year-old school boy is over 2m tall! (video-photos)

Indian boy believed to be tallest person of his age

At a little over 2m eight-year-old schoolboy – thought to be the tallest person of his age in the world – has said he hopes to make his parents proud by growing even bigger.
Karan Singh was already over 60cm tall and one stone in weight when he was born, a world record, but now stands shoulder to shoulder with former world champion boxer Wladimir Klitschko.
The young giant, from Meerut in India, takes after his 33-year-old mother Shweatlana – a 219cm basketball player and India’s tallest woman.
His naturopath dad Sanjay, 41, is also enormous – but now just fractionally taller than his rapidly sprouting son. Karan’s biggest problem has been finding clothes and footwear that fit him – he wears size 12 shoes and was wearing clothes for a 10-year-old when he was three.








source: dailymail.co.uk