9 celebrities with high IQ (photos)

Not only are they famous but they are also smart

They are famous role models for many of their fans and really intelligent. In the USA, the average IQ is 98. Albert Enstein had an IQ of 160 and Galileus of 182. Here is the list of the 10 highest IQ ranking celebrities:


Arnold Schwarzenegger, 135


Who would have thought so, having said that “A gay wedding should actually happen between a man and a woman”?

Shakira, 140

Sexy, mother of two and founder of two schools.

Madonna, 140


It takes some intelligence to be 30 years on the top of the music industry.

Nolan Gould, 150


Not only is he a successful actor of Modern Family, but he also graduated high School when he was only 13.

Sharon Stone, 153


She turned down a scholarship from Pennsylvania University to become a model and later an actress.

Quentin Tarantino, 160

TOKYO, JAPAN - FEBRUARY 13:  Director Quentin Tarantino poses for photos before the special screening of 'Django Unchained' at Shinjuku Piccadilly on February 13, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. The film will open on March 1 in Japan.  (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

His passion for movies made him drop out of school when he was 15 and get a job in a video store.

James Woods, 184

The voice in Family Guy, Simpsons as well as some Disney movies had been offered a scholarship from MIT but turned it down as he preferred show business.

Lisa Kudrow, 160

The actress who became famous by playing dumb roles holds a Bachelor in Biology and has conducted medical researches.

Rowan Atkinson, 178

Rowan Atkinson Arriving At The World Premiere Of Johnny English Reborn, Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, London. (Photo by John Phillips/UK Press via Getty Images)
His studies as an electronic engineer in Newcastle and a Master’s from Oxford University make him totally the opposite of Mr. Bean.