Alexis Tsipras: Solution not only for name dispute, but also to irredentist rhetoric by FYROM

Greek PM addressed party central committee

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras said his government was determined to reach a mutually acceptable solution on the name dispute with FYROM, addressing his party’s central committee, Friday night. The Greek PM sent a clear message to FYROM pointing out that the name was not the only problem, but other issues including a-historical claims against Greece and irredentist policies.

On the economic front, Mr. Tsipras claimed the country was in the final stretch of exiting the memorandums after 8 years while making reference to the deep and harsh austerity measures by arguing that there could be no comparison between the false narrative of an economic recovery in 2014 and a true recovery in 2018. The Greek PM claimed the basic economic factors of the country had improved over the past 3 years.