Ancient port discovered by Danish and Greek archaeologists near Corinth (VIDEOS)

Stone foundations of a tower and traces of canals have been unearthed

Archaeologists from the Greek Ministry of Culture along their Danish colleague from the University of Copenhagen are investigating the ancient city of Lechaio near Corinth with great success so far. The team has searched thoroughly the port of the city as it is believed that it holds an impressive volume of information and artifacts.

According to Bjørn Lovén, one of the project directors, the modern techniques made it possible to clear the canal zone that has being discovered. According to Lovén, the main canal was almost 30 meters wide between the 3td and 4th century B.C., but as the centuries went by it gradually narrowed down.

During the last of the three excavating periods which lasted 35 days, the members of the mission worked very carefully and uncovered stone foundations of probably a tower, similar to that of other roman era ports. It is still not clear, however, what it was used for. The hope is that organic materiel, like wooden tools or parts of sunken ships will be unearthed.

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