Ancient Troy: The place where Turks fought the Albanians!!! (photos)

BBC and Netflix eat your hearts out…

BBC and Netflix might be presenting Homer’s mythical hero from the Iliad, Achilles as African, but it seems Turkey and Albania, apart from FYROM, of course, have also joined in the “party” of cultural appropriation and are claiming Achilles as a part of their historical legacy.

An Albanian documentary incredibly claimed the city of Troy was actually Albanian while also arguing Achilles, who fought against Troy was also Albanian! Not to be outdone, Turkey proclaimed 2018 as the year of Troy, with the Turkish President himself making the announcement.


The national airlines of Turkey, Turkish Airlines kicked off the “Year of Troy” by releasing a video showing the Trojan Horse being painted on the side of its hull. The Turkish Cultural Ministry is taking part in the whole absurd marketing campaign presenting Turkish ladies dressed up a Helen of Troy (Helen from Sparta in the Peloponnese- Yes that Helen!) with the Turkish flag in the background and ancient Greek soldiers.

At least Troy was geographically in modern-day Turkey, which could count for something…The programme “2018-The year of Troy” is aimed at attracting millions of tourists in the next years to visit the site where Henrich Schliemann unearthed the Homeric Troy in the Dardanelles Straits in 1872.
In this context, the new impressive “Museum of Troy”, which cost 15 million euros and spans over 10,000 square metres, will open its gates to visitors hosting the “treasures of Turkey” as inscribed on large signs in the archaeological site of ancient Troy, which is located at the Hissarlik hill.


The famous stars that appeared in the 2004 movie “Troy” have already been invited to attend the opening ceremony of the museum. Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, who played Paris, the beautiful “Helen” Diane Kruger and Eric Bana have all been invited. The organisers of the event have also invited a number of famous athletes to bright fiesta have invited well-known athletes to act out battle scenes of the movie.

The Turkish government for several decades negotiated with museums of 44 countries and art collectors for the return of archaeological artifacts taken from Troy, which had been stolen during excavations in the 19th century.
Finally, in 2012, the Turkish authorities succeeded in co-operating with the American counterparts to bring back 24 golden ornaments to display in the showrooms of the new Museum of Troy, some of which belonged to the famous collection of Helen and for 125 years were exhibited outside Turkey.

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