Angela Merkel not opposed to Eurozone budget

German Chancellor says she would also be open to Eurozone Finance Minister

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in Paris she was not against “a budget of the Eurozone” in principle, while he said that the prospect of adopting a “European Finance Minister” could be explored. Responding to reporters’ questions regarding statements made by French President Emmanuel Macron the German politician said she was not opposed to a Eurozone budget during the joint press conference with Macron at the closing of the 19th Franco-German Cabinet in Champs-Elysees, before adding: “For the European Finance Minister, we can discuss it.”

Mrs. Merkel had unsuccessfully proposed the adoption of a “small budget” in the Eurozone in 2012. The German Chancellor, who is claiming a fourth term in office at the federal parliamentary elections to be held in September, noted that these issues could only be resolved after that results of the elections in Germany.