Anjelica Huston speaks about the night Roman Polanski raped Samantha Geimer

In Jack Nicholson’s house

A few days after Roman Polanski’s near arrest in Poland, where the director, also an alleged child rapist attended the inauguration of the Museum of Jewish History, Anjelica Huston goes back in time, to 1977, and talks of the night when Samantha Geimer, then 13 years of age, was raped by Roman Polanski.

As the Oscar-winning Huston reveals, upon entering her then partner’s home (Jack Nicholson), she found the camera and jacket of, now, 81 year old Roman Polanski, in the kitchen. A little later, Polanski appeared with a girl, introduced her to Huston and told her they were having a photoshoot. Roman got her jacket and the cameras and they left together. Huston never thought more of it until the next day, when police came to the house. They followed her upstairs, where they found cannabis in a drawer and a gram of cocaine in her bag.

Last year, now 51 year old Samantha Geimer, through her book: “The Girl: A Life In The Shadow Of Roman Polanski”, described in disturbing detail all she suffered under Polanski, in Jack Nicholson’s house. As Geimer stated, the director lied and told her she wanted to photograph her for Vogue magazine. He drugged her, and raped her.

Polanski only spent 48 days in jail, then. Upon his release he caught the first flight to Paris and never returned to the United States.

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