Busted! Man cheats on gf on camera at football match (video)

The cheater went to a football match in Ecuador

Cheating is a tricky business. It is especially hard when you are tempting your own fate by going out in public with your “acomplice”.

One man realised this while at a football match, as he stole a kiss from his date, not aware that the kiss cam was filming the precious moment between the pair. But why is that awkward, you ask? Well, you see, the woman he kissed was not his girlfriend. The hilarious clip was shared on Twitter, captioned: ‘When you kiss your side chick and realize your marriage is over cuz you’re on camera.


The man in question, who has been identified as Deyvi Andrade, was at an event called Noche Amarilla 2020 in Ecuador, watching a football game between Barcelona SC and Delfin. Since getting called out, he has taken to Facebook and Instagram to tell his story, but oddly appears to be blaming women (just, you know, in general) for the situation he’s gotten himself into.

source metro.co.uk

feature image and tweet courtesy of @rgonzalezCBS