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Butt-naked waitresses serve customers in Germany (photos)

Customers refusing to shed clothes have to go topless to get free drinks

A free pop-up restaurant where guests pop off their clothes to dine naked – and completely nude waitresses serve you dinner – will make your eyes pop out.
The new nude eaterie proved a rip-off-your-clothes-roaring success when it launched in Berlin this week – and brought a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘hot food ‘.
Meals were free to naked customers – which is just as well as they would’ve had nowhere to put their cash.
Even local celebrities joined in when it launched for one week only as part of the erotic ‘Venus’ festival in the city’s Black Cat restaurant. German actress Micaela Schafer, 32, and Playboy model Sarah Joelle, 26, served the punters in scantily clad outfits. Guests who didn’t want to go completely naked were offered a free drink on the house instead of food provided they went topless – both men and women. Restaurant chef and art collector Karl Kinsky, 37, said: “Nudity brings looseness. For me this is what makes art. And I support any form of art.”

Source: mirror.co.uk