Chicago is the best city to live in, survey says!

It beat out Melbourne, London and New York

Chicago has topped a list of the world’s best cities beating London, New York and Melbourne.
For the second time in a row, the windy city was named the number one place for having fun and enjoying city life in a study by Time Out.
Each year it releases its annual City Life Index, which scores places on categories such as food, drink, culture, friendliness, affordability and happiness.
And Chicago came out on top thanks to high scores for its food and drink scene, culture, affordability and city pride. The only area where it fell short was safety.

Coming in second was the Portuguese city of Porto, which was named the most liveable and heartwarming city, as well as being the best in the world for making friends and finding love.
Third place was New York, which scored highly in terms of nightlife and culture and was the city most people surveyed said they would want to visit this year.
Melbourne came in fourth and outranked all other cities for happiness and was praised for having a fantastic bar and food scene, with residents there exercising more than anywhere else.

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