Coronavirus – 29th victim in Greece

An 89-year-old man who had serious underlying health problems

An 89-year-old man who was hospitalised with coronavirus at Kastoria Hospital is the 29th victim of the virus in Greece.

The man, who was suffering from a serious underlying illness, died at dawn on Saturday. He was admitted to the Kastoria hospital on March 24, diagnosed with coronavirus and had a severe infection. As Kastoria Deputy governor Dimitris Savvopoulos told Sky, the man was also on dialysis, while the official reiterated his call for the local hospital to receive all the needed support by the central authorities.

This is the fifth man from the wider area of ​​Kastoria to die from the coronavirus, while a local hospital has issued a warning of endurance, while local authorities have called for increased equipment and personnel protection. of. About 25 people from the area have been hospitalised at Kastoria Hospital in AHEPA in Thessaloniki, while another 14 are being treated at Kastoria Hospital.

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