Cretan man invents motorbike that runs on Greek drink!

Apparently, a…biodegradable, environment-friendly fuel

A young man from Heraklion has given a new twist to Crete‘s favorite drink by inventing a motorbike that runs on tsikoudia.

K. Iliadis, put tsikoudia — a distilled, transparent drink made of grapes — to a new use as a biodegradable, environment-friendly fuel.

The eco-friendly motorbike was presented during City Challenge, a competition organized by the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE) in an effort to solve urban problems, such as pollution or overcrowding, through technology.

“Among the proposals was that of a motorbike that uses biogas, or distillation products such as tsikoudia, or other biodegradable derivatives, as fuel,” Heraklion Deputy Mayor Petros Iniotakis told

“The proposal was made by a young man from our municipality, who studied and built the greenest and most environmentally friendly motorbike,” he said.

The competition took place at the Heraklion CityLab, and according to, the Heraklion man might be the winner who will participate in the national-level Stavros Niarchos Foundation competition.

Source: Philip Chrysopoulos/greekreporter