Cruise ship arrivals expected to rise by 4% in 2018

More needed to support industry, says Ship Owners’ President

Arrivals in Greece of cruise ship passengers is expected to rise between 3.5-4% for 2018, according to the President of the Union of Cruise Ship Owners & Associated Members, Theodore Kontes. Although pointing out that it was too early for any definitive estimates, Mr. Kontes stressed that based on the data collected so far cruise sip arrivals will most likely remain at similar levels as the previous year with a slight rise. He continued by undermining that these projections stemmed from companies’ applications for 2018 so far, but added that any certain estimates would be risky as variables that might adversely affect maritime tourism were still present, including the tensions between Greece and Turkey, the refugee crisis.

“As we all know, the climate is very volatile. Terrorism, generally speaking, is another negative factor, following the attacks in major cities and after the attacks in large cities and crowded destinations”, he said. Mr. Kontes called on all parties involved in maritime tourism to cooperate and adopt decisions for the growth of the industry, through the adoption of policies and the implementation of actions to improve sea and airports, road networks, minimising red tape at entry points and the promotion of archaeological sites in the country.