Demand for properties in Athens rises due to Airbnb

Owners are converting their office spaces to tourist lodgings

Apart from the housing market in downtown Athens, it seems US company Airbnb is also impacting properties used for professional purposes in the centre of Athens, as demand for old office buildings rising.

Owners of properties used as offices in the past have chosen to convert them into lodgings and lease them to tourists, increasing their income by exploiting the rise in demand for tourism in the Greek capital.
The figures are were made public by the well-known real estate consultants “Danos”, in its latest report on the domestic property market. “We see, in the centre of Athens, that the demand for lower class office space has increased due to the high demand for their conversion into boutique hotels, Airbnb apartments, etc.”, the analysts of the company, which cooperates with BNP Paribas Real Estate in Greece, says.