EuroWorking Group: Greek debt relief measures still frozen

Eurogroup “punishes” Greece for unilateral action

The Greek government was waiting for the debt relief measures to come back on track, after the December 5th Eurogroup decision that put them on hold as a response to the bonus to pensioners and the respite of the VAT increase on refugee-crisis stricken islands announced by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. The Eurogroup, however, wasn’t feeling that generous tonight.

According to sources, there was a “constructive exchange” of views on the subject and various ideas are being discussed for a unanimous agreement to be reached. The talks will continue tomorrow were an announcement is expected on what is to be done.

Wolfgang Schäuble, however, gave a hint at the EXG meeting as to what the German position would be, stating that the Greek announcements were not in accordance with the obligations Prime Minister Tsipras’ government has agreed on.