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Expedia: 10 most annoying tourists on the beach

The ‘slob’ is the worst type

Expedia unveiled Tuesday its Flip Flop Report, which is a modern day barometer of beach etiquette and best-laid practices. If you were wondering, for example, whether you should don a Speedo for your next excursion, the answer is no. Of course you shouldn’t.
However, the results will tell you just what percentage you can expect other people to do so. When it comes to such things, preparedness is key.

But first, Expedia surveyed “11,155 adults 18 years of age and older, across 24 countries and on five continents” and discovered the 10 most annoying people you find on the beach.
Here they are in all their awful glory:
1. The Slob 48 percent
2. The Inattentive Parent 44 percent
3. The Loud Mouth 37 percent
4. The Encroacher 35 percent
5. The Boozer 34 percent
6. The DJ 28 percent
7. The Sand Flinger 28 percent
8. The Paparazzi 23 percent
9. The Ogler 18 percent
10. The Canoodler 18 percent

The Slob, for those not able to glean the obvious, is a person who leaves refuse wherever they go. And we are glad these people made the top of the list, because the beach is a beautiful summer sanctuary that needs to be protected and kept clean.
Ah, but there are some other interesting takeaways from the study. Americans said that Speedos were perfectly fine attire at a 48 percent clip, which is dangerously high if you ask me. However, only six percent would wear one opposed to 63 percent of those global free spirits.
As for nudity, the trophy for most likely to drop it all on the sand goes to the intrepid souls from Austria. 28 percent of Austrians proclaim they have gone nude at the beach.

While we have less-than-shocking news that beachgoers demand Wi-Fi, we did get the bombshell that Europeans were found to be the most stunning out there on the sand.

Source: Travelpulse.com