Facebook continues to dominates global social media (infographic)

Top four social media apps are owned by Facebook

When Facebook filed for its initial public offering in early 2012, the company named the ongoing transition to mobile as one of the biggest risks to its future success. If the transition to mobile was indeed the biggest challenge in Mark Zuckerberg’s early career as CEO of a billion-dollar company, he managed it quite well.

Not only does Facebook generate most of its revenue with mobile advertising now, the company also owns some of the most popular apps in the world. Earlier this year, Instagram announced that it had just reached one billion monthly active users, making it the fourth platform in Facebook’s portfolio to pass that milestone.

Looking at some of Facebook’s competitors in the United States helps to understand how hard it is to get to that level of adoption. As Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest are all struggling to reach 500 million users, it is hard to imagine any of them getting to one billion. But with great power comes great responsibility (just ask Spiderman) and Facebook is currently working on taking responsibility for what happens on its namesake platform. Earlier this year, the company announced new measures to fight fake news in its continued attempt to rebuild trust after the recent scandals.

source statista