FBI investigating the possibility of “criminal enterprise” in connection with Jeffrey Epstein’s death

Two guards watching him are arrested and charged for “falsifying records” from the night he died in jail


The FBI is investigating the possibility of ‘criminal enterprise’ in connection with Jeffrey Epstein’s death as the two correctional officers who were responsible for guarding him the night he killed himself are arrested.

The two federal Bureau of Prisons employees, Tova Noel and Michael Thomas, were charged on Tuesday with falsifying records and conspiracy in relation to Epstein’s death.

They will face the U.S. District Court in Manhattan later on Tuesday over their alleged failure to check on the millionaire pedophile in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center the night he died.

Their arrest came as Bureau of Prisons’ director Kathleen Hawk Sawyer testified in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

‘The FBI is involved and they are looking at criminal enterprise,’ Sawyer said after being questioned as to how this could happen in such a high profile case.

Noel and Thomas, who were assigned to Epstein’s unit at the federal jail, are accused of failing to check on him every half-hour, as required, and of fabricating log entries to claim they had.

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