Frankfurt was CIA hacking base, says Wikileaks

Whistleblower site releases 8,000 classified archives from CIA

Wikileaks released a new batch of files associated to CIA classified documents on Tuesday. The whistleblower site also revealed that the US consulate in Frankfurt, Germany acted as a “covert CIA base”, with intelligence officers receiving diplomatic passports and cover from the government. “In addition to its operations in Langley, Virginia the CIA also uses the U.S. consulate in Frankfurt as a covert base for its hackers covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa. CIA hackers operating out of the Frankfurt consulate (“Center for Cyber Intelligence Europe” or CCIE) are given diplomatic (“black”) passports and State Department cover,” the whistleblowing organization said in a press release. According to the statement, the CIA hackers were advised to say that they were “supporting technical consultation at the Consulate” at the German customs checks. The 8,761 documents and files — released as “Vault 7 Part 1” and titled “Year Zero” — were obtained from an “isolated, high-security network” at the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Va., a press release from the website said. The trove had been “circulated among former U.S. government hackers and contractors,” one of whom “recently” gave the archive to WikiLeaks.