FYROM vote: PM Zaev has secured backing of parliamentary majority, local media reports

The media report that he has the necessary votes to pass the Prespa Agreement constitutional amendments

According to media reports in FYROM, who cite unofficial parliamentary sources, the country’s PM Zoran Zaev has secured the required votes in parliament to pass the constitutional amendments of the Prespa Agreement. However, voting was supposed to begin has been postponed twice in parliament amid accusations by the opposition party of VMRO of bribes.
According to Skopje’s 1TV television network, Zaev managed to secure the 80 votes he needed to pass the hurdle of the first vote.

VMRO-DPMNE has reiterated its position against the constitutional amendments and the agreement with Greece, considering it as “dead” after the failure of the September 30threferendum.
If these amendments are not passed in parliament, then the country will head to a snap election, which may be held in December