Goodbye old dildos, welcome smart Sex toy! (pics+vid)

Company claims new sexy toy helps women reach orgasm

A new smart sex toy aims to empower and destigmatize women’s sexual health, all while tracking your body’s responses to help you achieve the best orgasm.
The $230 Lioness vibrator uses an array of sensors to detect changes in temperature, contraction, and positioning, allowing it to create a personalized profile of a person’s sex drive.
And, once it’s gotten to know its owner, Lioness can also make recommendations based on the feedback.

The Berkeley-based firm explains that sexual well-being is just another component of healthy life, on par with eating, sleeping, and breathing.
Lioness works using built-in sensors and an accompanying smartphone app, according to the IndieGoGo page.
Embedded sensors will collect data while a person uses the device ‘as normal,’ and will record up to 20 sessions.
Then, when the vibrator and app are on at the same time, the data will sync.


Source: Daily Mail