Greek government: The standard-beared in student parades will be chosen by draw!

The opposition parties accuse Tsipras’ government of acting again the principle of “excellence” in schools


The end of “excellence” as a principle in the primary schools seems to be the agenda of the SYRIZA-ANEL government in Greece. According to the Ministry of Education, By presidential decree (Presidential Decree 79/2017), from now on at the student parades during the two National Days of the country, the pupils that will be given the honor to bear the Greek flag at the head of the parade is not going to be the best student of each school, but the…luckiest one!

According to the Decree the student will be chosen by draw…

As it was expected the oppositions parties reacted immediately, accusing the government of trying to impose their marxist beliefs, acting again the principle of “excellence” in schools and trying to impose a distorted definition of “equality” to the society.

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